Safety Resources

ARCA is deeply invested in the safety of Arizona’s roofing industry and offers a variety of educational resources to its members. If you haven’t taken advantage of the following safety benefits, take a look below and find out how ARCA can serve your safety needs.

Free Safety Training

Free. If you’re an ARCA member, your company is entitled to free safety training. We arrange for the classes, and you send your employees. For free. (You can thank ARCA Sponsors - they are responsible for this very substantial benefit.)

Here are just a couple of training classes we offer to our members:

  • OSHA 10-Hour* Safety Training
    • Improve employee comprehension of regulatory rules
    • Learn to recognize and control hazardous working conditions
    • Learn how to apply standards to your work environment
    • Reduce probability of catastrophic loss
    • Learn what to do in the event of a regulatory visit
    • Understand basic OSHA recordkeeping requirements
    *This is a two-day, 10 hour class
  • Fall Protection Training
    • Recognize the need for fall protection
    • Utilize personal-protective equipment
    • Understand the physics of fall arrest
    • Calculate total fall distance
    • Initiate a job-action plan
    • Fall protection rescue
    • Evaluation of your protection preparedness

Other classes are offered too, including (but not limited to) OSHA 30-Hour Safety Training, Scaffolding Fall Protection, CPR/AED, and Lead Renovation Safety Training.

Contact us to find out what classes we have on the schedule, or let us know what class you need and we’ll make arrangements for you.

Roofing Contractor Safety Guidelines: a free plan for ARCA members only

Roofing contractor’s Safety Guidelines, as developed and adopted by ARAC members*.

  • Approved by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration in 2004
  • Designed specifically for roofing contractors
  • Available by request for ARCA members only
  • Standards accepted statewide
  • Three-ring binder may be customized by company owner
  • ADOSH/OSHA requires that all contractors have a company safety plan in effect

*ARCA members have researched and approved this publication as a guideline only and assumes no legal responsibility or liability for any company’s specific safety program, plan, or administration. All ARCA members are responsible for the administration and contents of their individual company safety plan or program.

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