All seminars will be presented on Saturday, October 5, 2018.

Roof Top Insulation & Wind Uplift
Saturday, 9:00 AM | Aspen Room, Little America Resort

Jerry Brown, WRECORP
The insulation seminar will cover the do's, don't and why's of roof top insulation in regards to why we need roof top insulation versus batted insulation, the correct installation practice and the pitfalls that quite often occur in real life construction. The wind uplift portion of the seminar will discuss design protocols and will provide hands on exercises to understand how to arrive at correct fastening patterns to meet industry requirements.

WSRCA Low-Rise Adhesive Testing & Research Project
Saturday, 10:30 AM | Spruce Room, Little America Resort

Jim Carlson, Principal - Building Envelope Technology & Research, WSRCA Technical Director
The WSRCA Low-Slope Committee tested five popular low-rise foam adhesives for uplift resistance comparing warm and cold weather application results, and will be sharing the eye-opening test results at ARCA's 48th Annual Convention & Tradeshow Educational Seminars. The seminar will consist of two parts.

Part I – Testing Uplift Resistance of Warm and Cold Weather Applications. Part II – Results From Initial Testing of Uplift Resistance of Cartridge-Grade Adhesive with Various Polyisocyanurate Rigid Insulation Facers and Coverboard Types. Don’t miss this highly informative seminar!

The Art of Communication in a Male Dominated Industry
Saturday, 9:00 AM | Ballroom C, Little America Resort

Jenn Kaye, Communication Catalyst
The National Women in Roofing Arizona and ACCELLA Roofing Solutions presents how to Communicate in a Male-Dominated Industry – recognizing the common language of business as-well-as the differences in language used between men and women. It’s about learning how to ask for what you want, get people to listen to what you have to say and bridging the gap to make an impact. (Open to Men and Women)

NWiR AZ request pre-registration, click here to register online.

Personal Safety & Situational Awareness
Saturday, 10:30 AM | Ballroom C, Little America Resort

Cyndee Harding, Cyndee’s Conceal and Carry
This presentation is designed to provide education regarding personal safety and to increase situation awareness through tips and strategies. From this training, you will be confident and assertive as you move through your day, whether at home, work or out in public.

Succession Planning
Saturday, 9:00 AM | Spruce Room, Little America

Warner Lewis, Life Planning Group, LLC
Do you know what you need to do to protect your business and family in the event of your death? Join us as we discuss how to create a successful estate and business succession plan so that probate and eliminate estate taxes can be eliminated. Learn how to lock in your key people and discover how to structure your company for either an outside sale, inside transition or passive ownership.

Seminar Food & Beverage is Sponsored by Polyglass Roofing & Waterproofing System

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